The Radio Northwest Network (RNW) syndicates specific FM News 101 KXL programming in 22 markets across Oregon and Washington; covering the Oregon Coast, I-5 corridor, I-84 Corridor, the Seattle metro area and Spokane.

With and an audience of over 1 million adult residents each week, your message reaches every community outside the Portland metro area with our vast network of News and Talk format affiliates.

RNW surpasses the reach and audience of broadcast television, cable, newspapers, and magazines with one schedule.

Please note: Some affiliates may delay program broadcast. *Syndicated Saturday programming is market specific. RNW audience estimates based on larger markets (i.e. Eugene) station ratings during syndicated programs, adjusted for population size.

22 Station Network: With your Radio Northwest Network schedule, your message is broadcast over the 22 station network throughout Oregon and Washington and is delivered by FM News 101 KXL, a trusted local News/Talk radio station.

Efficiently Deliver Your Message: Broadcast television, cable, newspaper or magazine can not deliver the same audience as efficiently and effectively with one schedule.

Audience Reach: The Radio Northwest Network reaches over 1 million adults. If nationally ranked by radio media market, would be ranked 16th; between 15th ranked Phoenix and 17th ranked San Diego.